New Business Formation

New Business Formation

While entrepreneurs are passionate about starting their own business ventures, few possess the knowledge or experience necessary to start a successful enterprise.   The Seattle certified public accountants from Watson & McDonell, PLLC are here to support new small businesses, helping owners create the right foundation for the future.

Forming a Business

At Watson & McDonell, PLLC, our experienced CPAs guide clients throughout the entire business development process, starting with the creation of a strategic business plan. Our professionals help you create detailed goals for your company, keeping in mind a strategy that supports immediate and long-term objectives.

Once clients have determined their business plan, we assist them in selecting a business structure that supports their goals and contributes to improved profits. From sole proprietorships to incorporation, our CPAs are well-versed in the nuances and advantages of each designation and are dedicated to ensuring clients are fully aware of their options.

Establishing Capital and Credentials

Starting a new enterprise comes with a number of expenses, many of which can be unexpected. At Watson & McDonell, PLLC, we determine your starting capital needs and aid in selecting the best places to acquire necessary start-up capital, helping to manage loans accordingly. We increase your chances of thriving in your initial years as a business with proper financial projections.

We assist clients in gathering the necessary licenses to get their businesses legally underway, including registering for an employer identification number (EIN) to ensure they’re ready to hire their first employees and record payroll. EINs are especially important account numbers issued by the IRS that help businesses owners open bank accounts, file taxes, handle payroll, obtain business loans, and apply for licenses.

Once all of the initial steps have been taken, our Seattle CPAs help clients establish business procedures to monitor and control future costs.

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Getting started with a business can be confusing. The CPAs at Watson & McDonell, PLLC are experienced in forming small businesses to get you started on the path to entrepreneurship.

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